The City Clerk’s Office is responsible for a broad range of administrative and clerical support for city departments and the public. The City Clerk attends all meetings of the Board of Aldermen and maintains minutes, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, deeds, easements and other official documents. The City Clerk is also responsible for all city elections.


Brandon is seeking proposals to complete a fixed-based, automatic meter reading system complete with associated software, hardware, support, and maintenance.

Brandon Utility Water Meter Project RFP

Additional Information:

Meter Locations Link

Meter Coordinates

Tank Coordinates

Caine Tank: Top 494, baseplate 397.6
Hospital Tank: top 492, baseplate 379.87
Hwy 471 Tank: top 630.5, baseplate   495.9
Overby Tank: top 629, baseplate  441.7

Brandon is seeking proposals for a point of sale system for premium seating and concessions for the Brandon Amphitheater.

Request for Proposals for Point of Sale System

Privilege and Transient Vendor Licenses are obtained through this office and may be picked up on-site or through this website. A Transient Vendor License request should be completed using the Privilege License Form.

 Download: Privilege License Application

Cemetery lots are sold and burial records are maintained by the City Clerk’s office.

Icon-Word Download: Cemetery Plot Costs

 Download: Cemetery Ordinance

Contact the City Clerk’s Office:

Contact: Angela Bean
Tel: 601-825-5021

 Download: Privilege License Application