Brandon Issues Burn Ban

In Mississippi, 77 out of 82 counties remain under burn bans. The Governor’s partial state level ban and all individual county bans remain in effect through the weekend. Areas experiencing drought conditions need several consecutive days of steady, appreciable rainfall to provide enough relief from the drought to declare it safe to lift any burn bans.

A burn ban means no outdoor burning of ANY KIND.

Not Allowed: Campfires, bonfires, fire pits, fire rings, burn barrels, debris burning, fireworks, field burning, cigarette ash, outdoor wood-burning heaters, outdoor wood-burning fireplaces – anything with an open flame that produces an ember. The wind can carry floating embers away from the original fire and start a new spot fire up to one-half mile away from the burning area.

Allowed: Propane/ gas grills, propane/ gas heaters, and charcoal grills. Propane/ gas grills, propane/ gas heaters, and charcoal grills should be utilized as described by their manufacturer’s instructions, located safely away from combustible materials, and never left unattended.

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