Brandon’s Governing Plan

Brandon’s future is guided by two governing plans that have been adopted by the Brandon Board of Aldermen. The first plan adopted is the 2013 Brandon Downtown Plan. The second and most comprehensive is the Brandon Comprehensive Master Plan that built upon the Downtown Plan and was adopted on November 2015 by the Brandon Board of Aldermen. In March 2016, the Brandon Board of Aldermen also adopted a comprehensive zoning code update in response to the Comprehensive Plan. You can get more information and download each plan below.

Brandon Downtown Plan 2013

DOWNLOAD:  2013 Brandon Downtown Plan

The 2007 Comprehensive City Plan identified downtown as an important element in the City’s future, and follow up training sessions in 2010 and 2011 reaffirmed the need to focus sustained and strategic attention on the future of downtown. Consequently, Brandon determined that a week-long intensive planning charrette was the most appropriate way to create a vision and plan for downtown Brandon. The charrette was conducted the week of September 23, 2013.

Planning for downtown Brandon began through a process of discovery. Attitudes and ideas of Brandon citizens were surveyed, the economics of downtown were assessed, existing development patterns were documented and analyzed, and current development constraints and coding were assessed. Through the process of discovery, the trends opportunities and development constraints for downtown were documented and analyzed. Each of these discovery areas is summarized in the plan.

The area identified as Downtown Brandon has four distinct character areas. The areas, identified as Areas A, B, C and D, serve distinct roles in supporting the center point of Downtown Brandon – the Town Square. Goals and projects were outlined for each of these areas. Many of the projects have already been accomplished.

Plan Brandon Comprehensive Master Plan 2015

Brandon’s Comprehensive Master Plan was adopted by the Board of Aldermen November 2, 2015 following a yearlong public planning process.

DOWNLOAD:  Plan Brandon! 2035 Adopted Master Plan

The Plan Brandon! Comprehensive Master Plan was nearly 12 months in the making. Initial stakeholder meetings were held in January and public neighborhood meetings were held in February. The plan provides clear direction for the development of the community through 2035. This includes land use, transportation, parks and recreation, urban design and utilities. It replaced the City’s previous plan, which was adopted in 2007.

The planning process occurred in four phases – discovery, direction, design, and determination. The discovery phase included research and background information on the community. The direction phase took that information and presented it to the community to create a vision and specific measurable goals for Brandon. The design phase translates the vision and goals into a written plan. Determination takes the plan from paper to ordinances, zoning, maps, and implementation projects.

The public engagement process resulted in the development of the following planning principles as the foundation of the draft plan. Brandon’s guiding principles are expressions of the community’s core values as they relate to growth and development.

Brandon’s Guiding Principles:

  • Grow Brandon as a family friendly multi-generational community for all ages from the youngest to the oldest.
  • Preserve and expand historic downtown Brandon’s timeless character and sense of place.
  • Preserve and conserve Brandon’s existing neighborhoods, improving their quality and livability.
  • Build neighborhoods that are timeless and blend with the best of Brandon’s built and natural environment.
  • Establish a system of high quality and interconnected parks.
  • Grow Brandon’s employment opportunities with the highest quality jobs.
  • Create mixed use developments as an alternative and complement to the current single-use, conventional, suburban, very low density neighborhoods.
  • Connect Brandon neighborhoods with a citywide pathways network with significant parks, open spaces, institutions and commercial destinations.
  • Facilitate a beautiful city through the application of site and design standards to produce quality streetscapes and environmentally sound design.

Zoning Code Update

Brandon’s Comprehensive Master Plan – Zoning Update was presented publicly by the planning team on February 22, 2016, at 6 PM, at the Brandon Municipal Complex, 1000 Municipal Drive, during the regular February Planning Commission meeting. After an extensive public comment period, the code was adopted in March 2016 by the Brandon Board of Aldermen.


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