Free and Clear

The Brandon Fire Department is asking for your help in keeping our City fire hydrants visible and clear of obstructions. In a fire, it is critical for fire fighters to quickly gain access to a sustainable water supply. This allows us to hit the fire hard and fast, begin search and rescue operations, and protect other exposed property. As a citizen of Brandon, you can play an important role in this effort.

What You Can Do

While many fire hydrants are red, the official color designated for Brandon hydrants is white. Every fire hydrant should be painted in a highly visible color that allows our crews to quickly spot the one nearest to the scene. However, adopted hydrants can be a little more unique and painted in other approved colors. Fire department regulations require the entire hydrant or hydrant barrel to be painted in one of the following Rust-Oleum® professional enamel paints or equivalent brand colors:

  • Gloss White
  • Gloss Safety Red
  • Gloss Safety Yellow
  • Outdoor Metallic Silver

Fire hydrant caps, chains, and bonnets can be painted in a contrasting color, including the ones listed above, or:

  • Gloss Safety Blue
  • Gloss Safety Green

Any other colors or special designs must be approved in advance by the fire department. Please do not paint the threads or inside of any hydrant caps.

You can adopt a hydrant located on your property by completing the attached form so that we can ensure our hydrants are properly cared for and that we extend our gratitude for your efforts. Participants will receive an adoption certificate with their name and the location of their adopted fire hydrant. Other hydrants can be adopted by local businesses, civic groups, and clubs. The Adopt-A-Hydrant program offers an excellent opportunity for community service and a way to support your Brandon fire fighters.

To function properly, large hoses must be connected from the fire hydrant to our apparatus. We need your help in maintaining a 3-foot clear zone around each hydrant. Adopted hydrants should be checked regularly and kept clear of weeds, leaves, bushes, and other obstructions.

Occasionally, fire hydrants show their age and need some attention. By adopting a hydrant, you agree to contact the fire department whenever you spot a water leak or other obvious damage. We’ll use our resources to get the hydrant repaired as soon as possible.

The City retains responsibility for flow testing, repairing and otherwise maintaining all municipal fire hydrants. For more information, contact Carolyn Palmer at 601-824-4636 or by email at in the department’s Division of Fire & Life Safety.

Thank you for helping us keep Brandon fire-safe.