Water Meter Conversion Project

Project Photos

Brandon Utilities has broken our service area into seven areas. The conversion process will move from area to area until the entire service area is converted. Please continue to check back to see our progress.

Under Conversion

Louis Wilson
Copper Ridge
Cannon Ridge


The following areas will soon begin the conversion process:

  • Lennox
  • Provonce
  • Rosemont
  • Highway 18

Speers Crossing
North Street
Diamond Street Area
Courtside Cove
Trickhambridge Road
East side of Highway 471
North College Street Area
Centre Pointe
Victoria Place
North Lake
East Government Street
Woodland Acres
Eastwood Drive
Grants Ferry Parkway

Water Meter Conversion Project Information

The installation of the new Sensus water meters has begun.  The contractor performing the installation is Core & Main.  The purpose of the project is to provide an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system (advanced metering technology) which includes new meters for each account and system analytics to manage customer water use.

Here are a few facts about the project.

  1. The project is expected to be substantially complete by August 2019.
  2. The utilities staff will be provided information weekly concerning the working location of the installation crew.
  3. The city is/will be responsible for work items that are generated due to the project.
  4. A door hanger will be placed at each residence and/or business when the meter is replaced. A copy of the door hanger is attached. The door hanger illustrates the basic functions of the IPERL meters including, reading the meter, Notifications and alarms, and alarm codes.
  5. The AMI system communicates via smart point transmitters at each meter and two collectors mounted at HWY 471 water tank and Caine Cir water tank and works using a dedicated radio signal.
  6. The system collects data every hour and transmits that data to the analytics system every four hours.
  7. The analytics system will provide system information including but not limited to; metered usage per hourly interval, leak detection, meter function issues, water flow, battery life, tamper alarms, and service alarms.
  8. The new water meters and the associated Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system will allow Brandon Utilities to provide accurate and consistent water metering, reduce water loss due to leaks, and provide increased customer services such as water consumption graphing and leak detection.
  9. All Advanced Utility Services employees will be in a marked vehicle and will be wearing a safety vest with the AUS logo on it. They will also have an ID that shows that they are a contractor working on behalf of Brandon Utilities. Pictures of the AUS vest and vehicle decal are attached.
  10. Utility customers may see small blue flags in yards prior to their neighborhood being changed out. These blue flags are to help identify the location of water meters.
  11. A customer with a recent meter swap out may have air in the water line. The door hanger advises each customer to flush their line by running cold water in their bathtub until the water runs clear.