Public Hearings

The following public notices have been issued for open public review and comment periods, and upcoming hearings.

Public Hearings

May 16, 2022

Case Number 22-014: Consideration of a variance application request from Ronnie and Pam McGee to reduce the rear yard setback requirement (312 Rail Spike Rd, Parcel #I9F-2-330).

22-014 Staff Report

Case Number 22-015: Consideration of a conditional use application request from Entergy Services, LLC to install a new self-support communications tower (0.15 acres of Parcel #J9-3-10).

22-015 Staff Report

May 2, 2022

Case Number 22-005: Consideration of amendments to Section 4.1 Table of Uses and Section 4.4.9 Retail and Personal Service Uses of the Official Zoning Ordinance of the City of Brandon.

This proposed amendment is regarding the consideration of adding a package store / liquor store as an allowable use and defining the appropriate zoning requirements for said use.

22-005 Staff Report