About the Brandon Fire Department

Since 1998, Brandon has maintained a full-time career fire department. Today, we protect over 26 square miles from 6 fire stations with 51 trained fire fighters, each with specialized training in emergency medical care and hazardous materials incident management.

Here’s what we do…

The Brandon Fire Department represents a group of highly trained and dedicated fire fighter/EMT’s that are ready to protect your community. As the City has grown, so have the skills and services provided by the fire department.

  • Fire suppression, specialized entry, and rescue
  • Emergency medical services at both basic and advanced levels of care including preventive health screenings
  • Hazardous materials incident management
  • Technical rescue including vehicle extrication, high angle, confined space, and water-based incidents
  • Fire inspection, code enforcement, public fire safety education, and special event safety
  • Emergency management including emergency operations center (EOC) readiness, severe weather warning, and volunteer service coordination


The Brandon Fire Department consists of three main divisions that include Emergency Response Operations, Training and Education, and Fire and Life Safety. The City’s fire chief is responsible for managing these resources, as well as providing overall leadership, strategic planning, and operational command of all fire department services.

A deputy fire chief serves as the City’s fire marshal and is tasked with coordinating all building plan reviews, fire inspections, and code enforcement activities. This position interacts with other City departments on a regular basis to ensure that fire protection needs are met and that all related ordinances are followed. The deputy fire chief is also responsible for conducting any necessary investigative functions to determine fire cause, point of origin, and the possibility of criminal intent.

An administrative assistant oversees budget and finance needs and maintains all departmental records. A vehicle fleet officer is also available to manage preventative maintenance and repairs for the department’s fleet of fire apparatus and emergency equipment.

The administration staff serves as the fire department’s primary point of contact for the public.

Fire and emergency services are divided among three 24-hour shifts, each with 12 personnel commanded by a battalion chief.

The Brandon Fire Department Training and Education Division is responsible for pre-employment recruitment, training, records maintenance, managing promotional processes, and leading the department’s special operations. The most important function of the Training and Education Division is to prepare our members for emergency situations with the highest quality training, instruction, and professional development possible. This process is intended to establish a good foundation of knowledge, skills, and abilities with the ultimate goal of providing our citizens, visitors, and community with the best possible services as safely as possible.

The Division of Fire and Life Safety is responsible for activities related to community preparedness, emergency management, and incident scene safety. Their work focuses on preventing loss of life and property through educational programs that emphasize fire safety and accident prevention. This division also works directly with our fire fighters to manage fire department communications, coordinate on-scene support functions, and administer the City’s fire-based EMS ambulance program. Through this division, the department is committed to developing strong community partnerships and providing our citizens with the highest level of service possible.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Knowing how to properly use a portable fire extinguisher is an important part of community preparedness. The Brandon Fire Department offers fire extinguisher training classes to businesses, schools, and other community groups. Each event consists of a short classroom session, an outdoor demonstration, and an opportunity to practice with a small training fire. The fire department will provide all necessary equipment and there is no charge for this service; however, class size is limited to 20 participants per event.

To request a fire extinguisher training class, contact the Brandon Fire Department at 601.824.4636 to submit an event request form.

Public Education Programs

The Division of Fire and Life Safety develop and delivers various fire prevention and safety education programs to reduce preventable injuries and loss of live among all age groups and demographics.

Public education programs are available through presentations, demonstrations, and other special events. These activities often include:

Fire prevention and safety classes
First aid training
Fire department information
Disaster preparedness
Careers in fire and emergency services
School, daycare, and kindergarten visits
Fire station operation
Fire apparatus displays
Fire evacuation drills
Fire science in the classroom (help for teachers)
Boy and Girl Scout advancement
Block parties and neighborhood association events
Media and interview requests
If you or your organization is interested in scheduling a fire department presentation or training event, contact the Brandon Fire Department at 601.824.4636.

Fire Station Tours

Station tours offer a great way to learn about your fire department and the services we provide. Visitors can see where the fire fighters live including their kitchen, dayroom, and sleeping quarters. While there, a person can explore the different types of fire apparatus and maybe even see an ambulance. When scheduled in advance, an age appropriate fire safety program can be presented during the tour. Fire station tours usually take about one hour to complete.

Scheduled station tours are available upon request between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and again between 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Due to the possibility of actual emergency calls, some tours may have to be postponed or concluded early. Contact the Brandon Fire Department at 601-824-4636 to schedule a fire station tour.


A fire can be a very destructive event and its common to encounter victims in a state of shock, confusion, and despair. Even after the flames and smoke are gone, recovering from a fire can be a difficult experience. The Brandon Fire Department is here to help before, during, and after the fire. If at any time you need assistance, please call 601.825.7225 and ask to have the Brandon Fire Department Battalion Chief contact you. The Battalion Chief or other fire officer will assist you in locating the best resources available to assist you in your time of need.

Home Fire Safety Program

Each year, more than 360,000 residential house fires occur nationwide. Many of these could have been prevented if the homeowner had taken time to identify and correct some very common fire hazards. While the majority of residential fires occur from cooking equipment, most residential fire deaths occur due to smoking or the improper use of smoking related materials such as lighters and matches. Timing also plays an important factor as most deadly house fires occur at night when families are sleeping an unable to notice the danger. This is why working smoke alarms are a critical part of your home fire safety plan.

The Brandon Fire Department wants you to be safe and know how to keep your family safe from fire. Click the link below to access a Home Fire Safety Inspection form. Homeowners can use this tool to evaluate their living conditions and correct any hazards they may find. Additional assistance is available through the Brandon Fire Department. Homeowners can request a residential fire inspection at no charge. We will provide you with a hazard assessment report along with other life-safety recommendations to improve your family’s fire defense plan.

Business Fire Safety Program

By clicking on the following links below, business owners and managers can receive information about the department’s self-inspection program for low hazard occupancies. This cooperative program will help business owners quickly identify and correct potential fire hazards. Participants can be recognized by the fire department for their efforts to improve the safety of their customers and employees. The self-inspection process will help local businesses prepare for upcoming fire department inspections. Information is also available from the department on how businesses can prepare for disasters and improve their operational continuity.

Carolyn Palmer at for additional information about this beneficial program.

SOURCE: Springdale AR links as samples
Self Inspection Program Cover Letter
Self Inspection Worksheet

Fire Prevention Week

Each October, fire departments all across the county sponsor special events to promote fire safety education in their community. This month was selected to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire that occurred on October 10, 1871. Many of the education programs are presented in conjunction with the National Fire Protection Association’s Fire Prevention Week. The NFPA program identifies a specific theme each year and focuses fire education to students within the local school system. Trained fire personnel deliver the annual fire safety message to all participating schools and childcare facilities.

For more information, contact the Brandon Fire Department at 601-824-4636 to schedule a fire prevention week activity at your school.