Important Dates

General Election: June 8, 2021

The City Clerk’s office will be open for voting on the following Saturdays from 8AM – 12PM :

  • May 29                (absentee voting)
  • June 5                  (absentee voting)

Polling Location

Brandon City Hall (1000 Municipal Dr) is the polling location for all wards.


Farrah Cox Mayor Independent
Butch Lee Mayor Republican
Sharon Womack Alderman at large Republican
Monica Parkman Corley Alderman 1 Republican
Jarrad Craine Alderman 1 Independent
Vickie Palmer-Jones Alderman 1 Democrat
Cris Vinson Alderman 2 Republican
Harry Williams Alderman 3 Republican
Lu Coker Alderman 4 Republican
Dwight Middleton Alderman 5 Republican
Tahya Dobbs Alderman 6 Republican

Primary Election Outcome:

Primary Election Results

Primary Run-Off Election Results:

Primary Run Off Election Results